Kamis, 24 Februari 2011

Ahmadiyah, Endless Contradictions in Indonesia

 Author : Alvarie
   February 24, 2011

Indonesia today and previous days was hit by issues of religion, deals with Islam which emerged a new thinking that saying come from Islam but the content of the new thinking is contrary to the values of purity in Islam.
Ahmadis, who was born in asia teaching center by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and come to Indonesia since the Dutch occupation era is now being contested by Pure Islam, Muslims are demanding the dissolution of Ahmadiyah teachings in Indonesia, but this problem involves issues of human rights and religious freedom championed by liberals in Indonesia.
The Liberals want to save the Ahmadiyah in Indonesia, while Muslims in Indonesia, the Ahmadiyah are banned and prohibited from growing in Indonesia because it has tarnished the purity of Islam actually ….
Until recently, the Government of Indonesia has not taken a clear decision to disband the Ahmadiyya, as most Muslims want.
The attitude of this government that does not trigger mass action can wait and do the protests and attacks against the Ahmadiyya community in areas far from the central government.

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