Kamis, 24 Februari 2011

Jakarta, Indonesia’s Capital and Discourse Transfer

 Author : Alvarie
  February 23, 2011
Jakarta is the capital of one of the ASEAN countries namely Indonesia is currently experiencing serious problems in urban planning regulations. A very high density, air pollution, and slums in the capital area is certainly a very serious problem for developing countries like Indonesia.
Discourse transfer of capital, which is the government’s official discourse, of course, are not easily met, in terms of operating and capital costs will require a big budget and a long time.
Capital transfers also have to prepare the facility and new capital prasara better than the previous capital, Palangkaraya remember Napier and conditions of the area are no better than jakarta. Certainly in the future that we all want to see Indonesia a clean, orderly, and well-organized and good with the new capital of Jakarta today.
So, what solutions are needed for a capital of Indonesia? You may have the answer.

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